Our business ethics

Even if reading our website cannot replace getting to know each other personally, the team and I would like to invite you to learn what drives and moves us.

Speaking frankly

We always appreciate any exchange following the motto "people who speak their mind can be helped." Whether regarding project planning, collaboration, consultation or constructive criticism, we are always open to your concerns.

Collaboration on equal footing

Trust and mutual respect are very important to us as a crossroads between you, as customers, and you, as freelancers, in order to create the best possible win-win situation.

Class instead of mass

Instead of squeezing out millions of words according to the maxim "faster and cheaper," we would rather lead our translation management according to our quality concepts through careful consultation and planning together with you. The world is full of low-cost providers - we deliberately do not take part in this negative downward spiral, which is ultimately at the expense of every country‚Äôs economy.


We have encountered resentment towards other people in business life. To this end, we emphasize that racism, xenophobia, homophobia, or religious narrow-mindedness have no place in our company, and we clearly distance ourselves from such ways of thinking. Life is better when colorful!

Gender neutrality

We have intentionally neglected to complicate any apparent gendered nouns by writing both male and female forms, rare as they are in English. This is to improve the flow of reading. This website is, of course, for both our female and male business partners. Is not it more important that women and men, girls and boys get the same opportunities in our society than gender-neutral language?