Birgit M. Floss

Listening, thinking, implementing - wise translation management

As an untrained newcomer (originally trained as manager in industry), I joined an office-service firm with an associated translation department in 1995. There I started at the call center and a box of index cards with translator contacts was put in my hands. If a customer needed translation, I was the one to organize it.

On the side, I was on the way to becoming a foreign language specialist for English, and had some language skills in French, Spanish, and Italian, but my professional calling was and still is management.

It has been a while since my debut, and meanwhile the English term “language service provider” has become widespread, even in Germany. This fact, globalization and technological developments have fueled the trend of cheap solutions, even in translations. The worse the pay, the faster the translator must write to earn their daily bread - mass instead of class with all its economic consequences. I have never wanted to follow this trend, even when I bought the translation department in the summer of 2000 and formed it into my own company.

The old index cards fulfilled their purpose at first, but soon we recorded our many excellent contacts in a database and documented their competences. But my opinion has not changed: 50% of a successful translation is based on the selection of the right translator for the text - the other half results from translation competence and idiomatic expression.

My concern for your needs in the run-up to a project, coupled with experience and solution-oriented approach, define me. To this end, I am happy to have many contacts in and outside the industry as a networked and committed citizen. No matter if specialist translators for niche sectors, language trainers somewhere in Germany, world-wide interpreter assignments, or speakers for film or scientific lecturers, I work together with my team to find the freelancer who fits your project. Let's talk about it: +49 2304 822770