Maryla Pruski

Dear website guests,

If we already count you as one of our long-term business partners, you probably already know me, as I have worked as a project manager and customer consultant for bmf text+ since 2001. Or are you interested in collaborating with bmf text+ and we do not know each other yet? If so, I would love the chance to convince you of the quality of our services and support you with advice and action.

I do not believe in constantly promising blue skies. My promise to you, however, is always to do everything possible within the context of our business, so that your orders are carried out exactly as required. I value open, honest and respectful interactions, both privately and professionally - flexibly according to the motto "people who speak up can be helped."

I see myself as a citizen of the world and am lucky enough in my work to be able help others overcome linguistic boundaries, allowing the world to grow closer together with each project. Together we are strong and progress faster - in every respect.