Trust our language diversity!

With a network of freelance translators, native speakers, linguists, language teachers, interpreters and other translation partners that has only grown since 1984, we draw on more than 1,000 well-known and trusted people who understand their craft and cover all languages important to business. In addition, we have contacts to a variety of professional associations through which we can find the freelancer who exactly suits you.

It is important that we know the goal and purpose of your project in order to choose the right partner:

  • Who can contribute expertise from YOUR industry
  • Who feels at home in YOUR text
    (brochure, instruction manual or balance sheet - there is a lot to pay attention to)
  • Who fits YOUR wording and style
  • And has the necessary capacity for your desired date of delivery!

We organize everything else. For the best possible consultation, a project manager from the Team is at your disposal. We work in regionally different offices, are well connected with each other, use a central e-mail address and love direct, lean methods.