How does it work? Like this!

With us you get a professional all-round, carefree package. We have a diverse network of qualified translators, know what is important and also fulfill special wishes with ingenuity and flexibility.

We discuss with you which part of the translation process you need. Then we select the appropriate tools for your project, such as...

SDL Trados

No matter what industry you work in, most of the texts are specialist texts in which the same terms are used time and again (article designations, technical terms, department names or project names). In addition, it is likely that you have to edit recurring text types with the same structure (reports, catalog texts, price lists, databases). The translation program SDL Trados facilitates translation in terms of time and quality by systematically creating and reusing previously entered text modules and terminologies.

What advantages does that have for you?
Each additional translation order fills your company-specific text collection with us (called Translation Memory or TM), which only becomes more and more valuable. To use your TM, before each order we analyze the text to be translated and can determine at the press of a button how of your text is in the TM, how much is repeated within the text and how large the remainder is to be processed.

  1. You receive specifically calculated price quotations with transparent prices.
  2. Your existing reference material (e.g. translations that have already been completed) can thus be profitably integrated into a translation memory.
  3. Each of your employees with foreign language needs can use terminology lists made for you for their own use (via MultiTerm).
  4.  SDL Trados can edit your ready-made brochures (e.g. from InDesign) via editing filters. The result: you receive practically finished brochures in the desired target languages.
  5. Texts with HTML code, tags or other control characters are read correctly and come our of our system error-free. Individual settings can be used to omit tags that need not be edited.
  6. The larger your translation memory with us, the lower your translation costs with higher Quality!