Insights into our projects

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in specific areas of expertise and our related experience. We like to have our business partners talk about us, as confidentiality allows. The following references demonstrate only a selected part of our thematic spectrum:

Academia and science

We have supported the University of Hagen with translations and interpreting since the 1990s, as our company began in the city of Hagen. Since then, we have worked on projects with international reach. In this regard, we translated their yearbook for their 40th anniversary as well as their new image brochure into English. Congratulations to Germany's largest university on their unprecedented development!

Office equipment

1995DURABLE was already a customer even before I joined the business. The amiable company trusts us when PR texts, catalogs, websites or presentations need to be translated. The experts for office supplies inspire us with their innovations time and again. From classic office supplies (Duraclip® binder folder), to bestsellers (Duraframe® tack-free foil frames), to the most innovative workplace lighting (LUCTRA® – the professional biologically-effective LED lighting system) – their product range is extensive and we're proud to have been able to accompany them!

Sanitation technologies

2002 – Our experience in the sanitation, heating, air conditioning and metering sector is indeed far-reaching. Here are some key words from previous assignments regarding the product ranges of different manufacturers and service providers: energy consumption meterin, water drains, grease traps, toilet actuators and push plates, bath ceramics, luxury showers, underfloor heating and architecture (both general and specific). An example: TECElux - the toilet terminal of the future.

Pet food

2009 – Translating packaging texts for animal feed requires very precise work. Ingredients lists are subject to strict EU legal regulations, which has undergone several fundamental changes since the beginning of 2009. Thorough research into regulations, compliant translation management and carefully checked layouts – enormous effort goes into translating and publishing animal feed packaging.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

1997 – In this year we started work for two global players in the fields of chemistry and pharmacology. By now, we have translated or proofread several million words into all EU official languages, many Asian commercial languages and rare languages. We have translated texts regarding epoxy resins, phenols and their countless applications; for a certain global corporation from Leverkusen we have processed safety data sheets, patient apps and more.

Facilities engineering

When you need to load and transport liquid or gaseous media, you have to know SVT. The medium-sized company from Schwelm is completely committed to safety and quality, because the loading of dangerous goods requires guaranteed safety. Our role is most often the translation of the technical documentation for the ship and land-based loading systems into worldwide relevant languages. SVT has also entrusted us with website and brochure texts for many years.

Green industries

1995 – For over 20 years we have worked on topics at IPM and visit the International Plant Fair almost every year. Relevant associations and publishers have commissioned websites, books on floral wedding creations, trade fair newspapers and much more. One of our specialist translators from the Münsterland is a studied landscape and horticulturist and is even a researcher for plant science.

Apps for smartphones, tablets and their cousins

Numerous filters for programming languages help us translate texts for apps, software or online support with SDL Trados. In doing so, we exclusively employ localization professionals who know the correct handling of programming languages. At the beginning of 2016, a very clever app made it to Apple's App Store: The Feng-Shui app by via INTERNET GmbH, where we were allowed to collaborate. This app helps you find out if you are facing the right direction while working or if your head is properly aligned while sleeping.